Innovation of VENMA burners

Since 2018 we have introduced fire protection flaps to all burners of the Comfort series.

Customer safety and reliability of our devices are our main priorities, therefore we have introduced PPOŻ flaps, which together with other security systems minimize the possibility of flame retraction, and as a result, the burner ignites. Despite the numerous burner safeguards, it should be remembered that this does not relieve the user from using the burner and the boiler in accordance with the rules contained in the DTR. First of all, remember that the fuel is of the required quality, and observing the market on which there is a lot of pellets very low efficiency and pellets made with MDF or other additives need to be careful and ask the seller about the composition of the fuel. An important element of the exploited exploitation is an appropriate chimney draft, therefore, when pellet burning, one can not forget about this important factor, while burning pellets creates a very light ash, which along with the flue gas flows into the boiler and chimney, therefore it is necessary to check and clean the boiler from time to time. a chimney to avoid an unpleasant situation.